Cosmic texts channelled by Berry Vincenta Ketelaar

Let go of the shadows of the past, but take from these shadows the diamonds and put them in your Soul.

© Berry Vincenta. On all of the texts and pictures

Berry Vincenta    How does Berry Vincenta work?  

    My work is being a channel for cosmic wisdom which is presented. 

This source is at my disposal and becomes evident in all of my activities. I am  a so-called cosmic channel through which I already have received and will receive several message for mankind!
Through my inner guidance ( who are World teachers) I can guide you on the path which leads to your inner Self.
I can be a support and  signpost for those who are searching and those who got lost for a while. I can do this by means of  sessions or personal oil paintings/ soul paintings.

Who is passing this on to Berry? (This was a question from the audience.)

When you ask for My Name, you are putting Me into a frame, which cannot be a frame.
Look at Me as a part of larger consciousness, you all will have admittance hereto. This consciousness has many inlet-stations on your earth, because many people on your earth receive energy which is being translated. Love is the bearing surface, Love is the connection in this field of energy and through this thread, energy is passed on to people who are sensitive to cosmic energy.
Ultimately, everyone on this earth will be able to translate this energy in his own way.

Real Love reveal itself without words

 BE, who you really, really ARE
Searching for a way to inner-knowing?
Maybe you are looking for us!

There are many ways leading you to the core of your being these days. Many of these ways      are based on an emotional approach
Our way goes beyond that...
Our way is to reach for the inner core of your being.
What could be the meaning of this for you?

The wakening-up of your consciousness will enable you to get to the bottom of yourself a lot quicker. The inner growth as a consequence hereof will connect much faster to the core of your   being, your own  'Light-awareness'.

In cooperation with Jenny, Berry Vincenta gives cosmic teachings in seminars, as well as in private sessions.
For spiritual seekers who really wish to make a start NOW...
Please have a look at the various activities we are offering.

 Feel yourself welcome!
A man who wants to knów shows inner Wisdom!

Cosmic teachings are being received through the inner channel of
Berry Vincenta Ketelaar.
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